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MTG Kaladesh invites you to once again visit Chandra’s home plane, where imagination and creativity are truly the keys to invention. Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh is the first of two sets from the Kaladesh block, and is set to be followed by Aether Revolt. The full MTG Kaladesh set features 264 all-new cards for players to do battle with, and there are endless possibilities for the most cunning of players. It’s time to invent your tomorrow, today, with our full catalogue of MTG Kaladesh cards at Magic Madhouse. Get to grips with an array of vehicles, an all new type of artifact; as well as aether, the refined energy of Kaladesh. That’s not all that the Kaladesh Magic set is introducing, however, and players can expect game changing twists on classic gameplay elements - fabricate, for example, grants players more choice than ever before when playing creature cards.