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Magic: the Gathering is widely renowned as being the traditional and most played TCG around the globe. With over 10 million people worldwide being collectors or avid players of Magic: the Gathering it is seen as being the top TCG around the world and is constantly growing. With a whole host of expansion packs available players have an incredible choice of varied cards to collect and play, along with accessories and single cards that might be missing from your collection. Our extensive collection of Magic: the Gathering at Magic Madhouse has all of your TCG needs, so you're bound to find the ideal common, uncommon, rare or mythic card for your collection or your deck. The very first of its kind MTG stormed the world back in 1993 and has been going from strength to strength ever since, with millions around the world being part of it. The multiverse that has been established follows various planeswalkers and characters over a huge amount of expansions, set over different time periods. Designed for both players and collectors alike, the idea behind MTG is to pit two or more players in duels using decks that they have built up to their own unique style of play. The latest core set from MTG, Magic Origins, tells the backstory of five of MTG's most prominent characters, allowing you to traverse and immerse yourself in their past, leading to how they became planeswalkers of the multiverse. The five main characters that Origins will focus on are: Gideon Jura, Jace Beleren, Liliana Vess, Nissa Revane & Chandra Nalaar. Available in booster packs, clash pack, booster boxes, fat packs and intro packs there has never been a greater chance for you to build or start a new collection. Of course for experienced players looking for specific magic cards to build on their set at Magic Madhouse we have the option of singles, foils, token and promo cards, all part of the Magic Origins on offer.