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Create a shock wave on the battlefield with the Modern Horizons 2 collection at Magic Madhouse. MTG Modern Horizons 2 offers everything you need to combat your opponents and claim your victory, featuring a variety of powerful new cards, modern reprints and enchanting sketch cards. This sought after release will enhance your existing play strategies and unveil new and exhilarating routes to triumph. Looking to enhance your playstyle? Be sure to browse the Modern Horizons collection, also available at Magic Madhouse. Featuring an array of exciting new themes and throwback characters, including the beloved cast of legendary squirrels, the Modern Horizons 2 collection has something for everyone. At Magic Madhouse, we offer everything from singles and tokens to the Modern Horizons 2 Bundle and Modern Horizons 2 Set Booster Box. A game-changing set, this fierce collection is not to be missed by any MTG buff.