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Lace your deck with surprise and mystery with a MTG Mystery Booster Box at Magic Madhouse. Containing 15 fun yet influential cards, the Mystery Booster set will enhance your gameplay in new and unexpected ways with an array of infamous reprints from throughout MTG’s history. With a choice of over 1600 reprints and 121 surprises not found anywhere else, the Magic the Gathering Mystery Booster packs are not to be missed. The Magic the Gathering Mystery Booster collection at Magic Madhouse is filled with excitement and opportunity. Discover everything from common and uncommon cards to rare and mythic rare selections. Our range also offers a dynamic choice of playtest cards, perfect for adding a novel element of surprise to your MTG collection. Looking for a different bundle? Shop our MTG sets today, which includes the MTG Green Collection, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Horizon Legends 2 and more.