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Discover the bloodiest interval in Chinese history with MTG Three Kingdoms at Magic Madhouse. Released in 1999, MTG Three Kingdoms is a starter-level set designed to introduce new players to the game’s mechanics. Filled with compelling creatures and standout spells, MTG Three Kingdoms is an excellent selection for existing players looking to add something special to their collection and beginners looking to experience a true MTG classic. Pick from a choice of 12 mythical Chinese zodiac creatures and harness their powers, all whilst the tumultuous Chinese empire spirals into three nemesis kingdoms. MTG Portal Three Kingdoms will make a truly special addition to any collector’s set. Each of the cards features authentic and beautiful artwork, wholly designed by Chinese artists. As well as MTG classics, here at Magic Madhouse, we also stock the latest singles, booster packs and decks. Shop our MTG Sets to discover a range of recent releases, including Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Modern Horizon’s 2, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty, and much, much more.