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Experience conflict like no other with MTG’s 2019 collection, Ravnica Allegiance. Set on the fan-favourite realm of Ravnica, the Ravnica Allegiance set is all about chaos, power and showing no mercy. Choose from a pick of dual-coloured guilds and fight to defend your allegiance using distinctive game mechanics, high-powered spells and more. At Magic Madhouse, you can discover everything that the MTG Ravnica Allegiance collection has to offer. Shop singles, booster packs, bundles and head into battle now. The full Ravnica Allegiance card list is available for you to shop at Magic Madhouse. Discover an array of powerful new creatures, fan-favourite land cards and legendary planeswalkers and immerse yourself in Ravnica’s tense battle for power. With a choice of rare and mythic race cards, we’ve got everything you need to defeat your opponents. Looking to experience more of Ravnica? Browse our Ravnica City of the Guilds collection today.