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Released in 2021, the Time Spiral Remastered MTG collection is a bold and brilliant mix of exciting new cards and all-time favourites. Enjoy familiar game mechanics with a new and improved spin and enjoy fan-favourite cards, characters, artefacts and more. Whether you’re a long time enthusiast of the original Time Spiral collection or a MTG newbie looking to experience a treasured classic, the Time Spiral Remastered MTG has something for everyone. The Time Spiral Remastered MTG collection is filled with powerful cards, including beloved reprints with gorgeous new artwork and rare and mythic rare foils. Here at Magic Madhouse, our collection offers a wide choice of MTG packs for you to discover, including the Time Spiral Remastered booster box, packs and singles. We also stock the ime Spiral Time Shifted collection, which includes modern cards in retro frames – A must-have to any Time Spiral buff’s collection!