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Shop our leading selection of Guardians Rising cards from Pokemon's Sun & Moon trading card block. We stock a range of Sun & Moon Guardians Rising singles, booster packs & booster boxes, along with theme decks, giving players the freedom to jump straight into competition with a playable deck, or to build their own. Pokemon Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising, is the second expansion set of the extremely popular Sun & Moon series and features 140-new cards all with unique artwork. Two new themed decks will be released, showcasing the two mascots of the Sun & Moon series - Solgaleo & Lunala, the cosmic duo. The set showcases some of the most inspired artwork we've seen recently from the Pokemon TCG, featuring Pokemon from the Alola region, and we know players will love to get their hands on the likes of Tapu Lele GX, which is set to be a massive gamechanger in the competitive scene.