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Star Wars: Force and Destiny - Chronicles of the Gatekeeper

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Force and Destiny allows players to follow in the footsteps of those nigh-mythical guardians of peace and justice—the Jedi Knights. Your characters possess the rare and dangerous ability to touch and use the Force, the energy field that binds and surrounds every living thing. It is up to them whether they use this power to try and fight the forces of injustice and oppression, or if they give into the darkness and temptation within and become agents of evil.

In Chronicles of the Gatekeeper, an adventure supplement for Star Wars: Force and Destiny, the holocron of a mysterious, vanished Jedi Knight surfaces. Its protector offers to instruct you in an incredible Force power and leads you on a perilous interstellar quest in which every choice you make can affect countless innocent lives– and profoundly alter your destiny.

This 96-page, fully illustrated book introduces locations throughout the Star Wars galaxy, a new playable species, and a wide range of adversaries from local matriarchs and Clone Wars-era droids to sadistic criminals and vicious wild beasts. Designed to be used with the Force and Destiny roleplaying game, Chronicles of the Gatekeeper can also easily be integrated into an Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire campaign.

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Star Wars
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