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Welcome to Magic Madhouse’s ultimate collection of Magic the Gathering Commander cards and decks. A socially interactive, multiplayer game, MTG is bursting with epic interactions and fantastic exchanges that make for an unforgettable gaming experience with friends. Pick your hero, build your deck to reflect your unique playstyle, and enter the commander zone, ready for battle. Whilst at the end of each game, one player will be left standing, the nature of MTG is that all players will have revelled in and enjoyed a shared experience of self-expression, exploration and a stroke of the fantastical. MTG was first created in 1996 and has soared in popularity ever since. Each player starts with 40 life and 100 magic the gathering commander cards in their deck, which will steadily decrease as the game progresses and the winner is revealed. Our exclusive collection of MTG commander decks offers everything you need to start your MTG journey. Choose your Commander – a legendary creature of your choice – and build the rest of your deck around their colour identity. Our superior selection of commander legends has a variety of MTG creatures for you to discover, from zombies and wizards to nomads and hags. Your choice of Commander will lead and influence your gameplay, so choose wisely! We also stock a premium range of 2021 MTG commander decks to boost your collection. Shop our MTG commander decks and lead your friends into battle today.