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MTG Commander 2018 Edition is a new addition to Magic's Commander Series and follows the same format as its predecessors, consisting of four preconstructed 100-card theme decks, each containing 12 foil commanders. Along with the four theme decks, Commander 2018 Edition welcomes: three new Planeswalker types, variants on previous mechanics, such as Commander ninjutsu and Commander storm; as well as popular returning mechanics, such as Lieutenant, first seen in Commander 2014. In total, Commander 2018 Edition's four 100-card decks comprise of 307 unique cards, with new legal entries for both the Legacy and Vintage formats. We offer the chance to purchase single cards and individual theme decks, or all four complete theme decks as a bundle. For more from the Commander Series, browse our selection of products from previous Commander releases, including Commander 2017 and Commander 2016.