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MTG Commander: 2016 Edition is the latest expansion within the Commander series and is set to be the most chaotic yet. Magic: The Gathering's Commander 2016 set will showcase five all-new decks, with each deck featuring its own four-colour commanders for you to take control of in-game. These game-changing decks are: Stalwart Unity, Entropic Uprising, Open Hostility, Breed Lethality and Invent Superiority. We stock them all for competitive prices at Magic Madhouse, and you can bulk up your collection with Commander 2016 singles, or by purchasing the individual decks in their entirety. You can also browse our full range of cards from the MTG: Commander 2017 set. Commander 2016 explores the lore of Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis, who head the Stalwart Unity deck; and together will seek to continue their reign over the people of Meletis after their overthrow of Agnomakhos. Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder, acts as the commander of the Entropic Uprising deck and the fearsome ogre is free to wield his incomparable force, now that his unpredictable mutations were seemingly stabilized as a result of the maelstrom. The Open Hostility deck will see Saskia the Unyielding, the only remaining member of her village following a cruel invasion from foreign lands, unleash her vengeance with a horde of warriors in her stead. Atraxa is the commander of the Breed Lethality deck, and is blessed with the powers of Elesh Norn and like-minded praetors, a gift granted to her as a result of her lone efforts to protect the legions of Mirran hordes. Finally, Breya, hellbent on imbuing living-beings with etherium; for which she alone has managed to create. The Commander 2016 set will also contain ten mythic partners and you’ll be introduced to the likes of the nightmarish necro-alchemist, Ludevic; who's in his element piecing together the dead in a hope to reanimate his creations and release absolute havoc on the plane. Here at Magic Madhouse, you can shop online for the entire Commander 2016 Edition set, and take control of the legendary commanders from the five decks. For more from the Magic: The Gathering series, browse our Conspiracy: Take the Crown and Kaladesh collections.