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Conspiracy: Take the Crown follows on from the revolutionary MTG Conspiracy expansion set, in Conspiracy: Take the Crown, and the stakes have never been higher as the crown is up for grabs. MTG Conspiracy: Take The Crown forces players to conspire and plot through an initial draft, with cards that affect the draft and implicate other players. Underhanded deals and tactical voting will be at the forefront of the Conspiracy: Take the Crown agenda as players carefully utilise 221 cards to their advantage. Form alliances with fellow players as you conspire your way to the throne, but be warned, you're only one move from being stabbed in the back in this merciless quest. Shop our choice of competitively priced MTG Conspiracy: Take the Crown singles, booster packs and booster boxes. The MTG Conspiracy: Take The Crown expansion set features truly game-changing mechanics; which each player will have to manage if they want to claim the crown at the end of the proceedings. The Monarch is a card which will reward any player that holds the title with the ability to draw a card at the beginning of the Monarch’s end step - potentially swinging the entire game in their favour; Goad, meanwhile, forces opposing creatures to attack, and if other players are present, forced to attack them - played correctly and at the right times, Goad could fast become your most potent ally within the deck. Magic Madhouse offers the very latest Conspiracy: Take The Crown Booster Packs, Booster Boxes, and Singles available to purchase online. Players may also wish to browse our selections of additional Magic: The Gathering expansion sets - why not stack the deck with official cards from the Kaladesh, Kaladesh Inventions and Eldritch Moon sets.