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It's time to celebrate the heroes of yesteryear with the hugely popular From the Vault: Lore set from Magic: The Gathering. It's all about taking a trip to the past with this limited edition release, featuring fifteen premium foils of the most storied cards and characters from a time gone by, but not forgotten. Learn from the errors of your previous ways, or be doomed to make the same mistakes for the rest of your days - it's From the Vault: Lore from Magic: The Gathering at Magic Madhouse. The full From the Vault: Lore set includes: fifteen foil cards with all-new artwork, a Spindown life counter which is exclusive to From the Vault: Lore; and a handy collector's guide. Use these tools to get the upper-hand on all of your foes, and catch those who have been unable to learn from history off their guard. Magic: The Gathering's FTV: Lore cards have all been printed with a unique foil printing process, and are legal to be used in any and all tournaments where the original's are considered legal. We've got the full From the Vault: Lore set available to purchase online here at Magic Madhouse, where you've got the freedom to buy these legendary cards individually, or pick up the entire set in one fell swoop.