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Dive headfirst into the ferocious realm of Vikings with the complete Magic the Gathering Kaldheim collection at Magic Madhouse. Inspired by Norse mythology, Kaldheim is bursting with powerful gods, demons, Viking warriors and shapeshifters – all of which you can discover in our exclusive collection. Immerse yourself in the brutal battle to save Kaldheim’s World Tree from destruction, explore wretched and wicked landscapes and combat your opponents with powerful new game mechanics. Our range hosts the Kaldheim complete set, so whether you’re building up an existing deck or starting from scratch, we’ve got you covered. At Magic Madhouse, you can shop the full Kaldheim card list. Discover everything from rare and mythic rare Kaldheim Commander cards to creature, land, sorcery cards and more. Looking to fully immerse yourself in the MTG Kaldheim realm? Shop our Kaldheim Set Booster Box, which includes 30 booster packs featuring a generous selection of rare cards and fabulous rare cards. Enjoy Kaldheim’s captivating tales and ferocious creatures and combat your opponents today!