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Magic Madhouse offers the UK's leading range of cards from the Burning Shadows set; the third official expansion of the wildly popular Pokemon Sun & Moon series. Burning Shadows showcases a battle between Pokemon which choose to lurk in the shadows, and those which battle in the blazing sun, and features Generation VII Pokemon; with 12 all-new exciting GX cards and two theme decks. Pokemon Burning Shadows introduces more than 140 cards, with a number of exciting Alolan natives, including; Raticate, Ninetales & Muk. As with Shining Legends, Burning Shadows is tied into the release of the twentieth Pokemon film, M20 - with the two subsets released in Japan focusing on two of the prominent Pokemon from the film, Ho-Oh and Marshadow. We stock Burning Shadows booster packs, which contain 10 additional game cards, booster boxes, which contain 36 booster packs, as well as a leading collection of single cards from the expansion. The Sun & Moon Burning Shadows release also welcomes two new theme decks - Lycanroc Rock Steady and Alolan Ninetales Luminous Frost theme decks, either as individual products or as a bundle.