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At Magic Madhouse we supply a huge collection of the biggest and most popular trading card games in the world, including the recently released XY Ancient Origins set. With millions around the world immersed in the world of TCG, be it Pokemon, Magic The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Ho!, interest has never been so popular and at Magic Madhouse we have that perfect card or pack for you! Pokemon is one of the original and most loved TCG in the world, with millions of avid fans and has created some of the most popular and sought after monster cards ever. With the first base set of Pokemon cards being created in Japan by Satoshi Tajiri in 1996 the series went from strength to strength, producing various series and expansion packs, all proving to be just as popular as the last. XY Ancient Origins is the seventh expansion pack in the XY range, released in late 2015. With a range of single cards, blister & booster packs, trainer boxes and theme decks from XY Ancient Origins available at Magic Madhouse, it's time to start building your kit. XY Ancient Origins is the seventh main expansion pack from Pokemon, featuring familiar and new faces. First previewed in the XY-P Promotional Gym Challenge Pack in mid 2015, XY Ancient Origins arrives on the scene with great anticipation, one that it easily fulfils. Sticking with the typical theme decks of Iron Tide and Stone Heart players and avid fans can get their hands on a total of 100 TC, with 11 new Pokemon-EX to collect in the XY Ancient Origins expansion set. Described as transforming ancient secrets into modern battling techniques, fans are also treated to a selection of all-new special energy cards. So if you’re an avid collector, or a person looking to do battle make sure you start your new collection of XY Ancient Origins at Magic Madhouse! Proving to be mega popular, XY Ancient Origins keeps up with the Mega Evolution Pokemon, revolving around the Djiinn Pokemon Hoopa-EX. The XY Ancient Origins features a total of three new Mega Evolution Pokemon for you to collect, battle or swap. The latest expansion pack from Pokemon also features new shiny versions of much loved and familiar Pokemon such as Primal Kyogre-EX, Groudon-EX and Mega Rayquaza-EX.