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Welcome to our leading range of the very latest Pokemon cards from the fantastic XY Base Set. the creation of Pokemon in 1996 in Japan it’s really taken the world by storm, played by millions around the globe. The Pokemon TCG is one of the most loved and played amongst gamers, and with popularity soaring over the decades, it’s allowed the Pokemon brand to venture out into all other aspects including video games, tv shows and films, all proving just as popular. At Magic Madhouse we have an impressive collection of Pokemon expansions and decks available, dating from the original Base Set, right up to the latest offerings. Early 2014 marked the release of the sixth generation of Pokemon expansion sets; XY. With everything you need to start and complete your collection of Pokemon XY available at Magic Madhouse why not start now! XY unleashes a whole new world, that we’ve only previously had a glimpse at, featuring new trainers, new Pokemon and new tactics. Set in Kalos, XY, in traditional Pokemon form, features collection X and Y, with certain Pokemon exclusive to each set. Consisting of a combined 146 cards for collectors and players to get their hands on XY follows the theme decks of Resilient Life and Destruction Rush, both of which contain the familiar energy types. While the sets feature cards that we all know and love, including the Pokemon-EX cards previously released in Black & White, XY has spawned a whole new type of monster TCG, in the form of Mega Evolution Pokemon. It wouldn’t be Pokemon without the release of unseen monsters, and XY is no exception. While Fairy cards have previously been teased and glimpsed in the Pokemon TCG world XY is the first set of expansion packs, with a total of 11 across the two collections featuring. Fans are in for a treat with new legendary Pokemon in each pack, with titular characters Xerneas and Yveltal available to add to your collection. Both are part of the EX creations, and along with Venusaur-EX and Blastoise-EX are on offer in their Mega Evolution form.