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For decades Pokemon have been capturing the hearts and imaginations of millions around the world with their trading cards, with a number of sets currently available. At Magic Madhouse we are massive fans of Pokemon, and we can proudly boast that we have a range of the latest Pokemon sets, such as the latest XY range. XY Phantom Forces is the fourth main expansion pack in the series and is a must for any avid collectors! So if you’re looking to build up your deck with the complete XY Phantom Forces collection or somewhere to start it off then find an incredible collection of all of the XY expansion packs at Magic Madhouse! Released in November 2014, Phantom Forces has become a crucial collection in the Pokemon XY trading card series. Featuring more than 100 cards for you to collect, the XY Phantom Forces set focuses around the psychic-type Pokemon. Included in the set are two new Mega Pokemon-EX cards; Mega Gengar-EX and Mega Manectric-EX, seven new Pokemon-EX cards and four new Pokemon-EX Rare Ultra Cards and the appearance of a new mythical monster card. Other unique features new to the XY Phantom Features expansion set include Team Flare cards, new Supporter Cards and a brand new mechanical link which allows Mega Pokemon to evolve without ending the player's turn! Exciting stuff lies ahead within the XY Phantom Forces, available at Magic Madhouse.