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If you’re an avid collector of trading cards, or a novice wanting to start your collection off, at Magic Madhouse we’ve got something for you! Our collections of Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and many more, are perfect for whatever you’re ability and experience with trading cards is. Pokemon is one of the biggest TCG’s played around the world, with millions of people involved in battling and collecting the latest monster cards from Pokemon. XY is the latest collection of expansion packs from Pokemon, which includes some truly unique and stunning sets such as Roaring Skies. Full artwork and a mix of new and original Pokemon all await, with Roaring Skies being an incredibly unique expansion set. Take advantage of our free UK delivery on all orders over £30 at Magic Madhouse today! Released in May 2015, Roaring Skies is the sixth main expansion pack from the Pokemon XY series. Featuring a selection of 110 cards, Roaring Skies follows the popular theme decks, Aurora Blaster and Storm Rider, which we have been familiar with during previous XY expansion sets. Boasting 11 new Pokemon-EX cards, four new Mega Evolution Pokemon cards and one full art ultra rare Pokemon-EX cards, Roaring Skies is certainly an expansion pack that you will want to add to your collection and start battling!