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Welcome to our full selection of official Pokemon XY: Steam Siege trading cards here at Magic Madhouse. Steam Siege stands as one of the most exciting recent releases from the Pokemon world in recent years, and includes upwards of 110 cards exclusive to the XY: Steam Siege set - featuring 7 new BREAK and 6 new EX cards. The XY: Steam Siege artwork has already been widely praised for its creativity and unique style, showcasing all of your favourite Pokemon in new ways. The Pokemon XY: Steam Siege expansion set comes packaged with 2 distinct theme decks - Gears of Lighting and Ring of Fire. The former allows you to unleash the fearsome potential of steel and fire, partnering up with Monferno, Klinklang and the legendary Volcanion. Volcanion is shaping up to dominate arenas and gyms all around the world, using Volcanic Heat, which deals a frightening amount of damage to its enemies. The latter, XY: Steam Siege Gears of Lightning, will electrify and confuse trainers by combining electric and psychic type Pokemon, the set boasts the spider Pokemon, Galvantula; the soaring Ampharos, a Pokemon which is used to light up the Olivine City lighthouse; and the mythical Hoopa, capable of sweeping the table with its Portal Strike attack. Magic Madhouse is delighted to offer the very latest XY: Steam Siege cards, shop online for Pokemon XY: Steam Siege booster packs, booster boxes and exclusive bundles.