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Magic: The Gathering Hour of Devastation is the 75th MTG expansion and is an exciting follow up to the extremely well-received Amonkhet expansion set, which kicked off the wider card set block. The desert warriors have at last witnessed the return of the God-Pharaoh, Nicol Bolas, who continues his machinations, striving to control an unrivalled Zombie army. Hour of Devastation features 199 all-new cards, divided into: 15 basic land cards, 70 commons, 60 uncommons, 42 rares, 12 mythic rares, and premium versions of each individual card. In terms of gameplay, Magic players can look forward to working two brand-new game mechanics into their strategies; Eternalize and Afflict; whilst elements including Brick counters, and Exert, Cycling and Aftermath cards are retained from block 1 of the set. Magic Madhouse stock a leading catalogue of MTG Hour of Devastation cards including: booster packs, singles and decks, allowing you to quickly build a fiercely competitive deck.